What Millennial Homebuyers Must Have in Their New Home

The Spring 2016 Buying Season is here! Millennial Home Buyers are starting to stray from renting. Instead, they are searching for their first home. There are some specific requirements that this generation wants that may be different from previous generations. To sell a home to a Millennial, here’s what they consider home “must haves.”

A Good Location

Younger homebuyers without children tend to see a good location as one that is near public transportation and/or has a good walking score.  This is different from their parents that likely didn’t mind a longer commute with more privacy.  Young homebuyers that plan to have children may also want something that’s a little more residential but still close to the amenities they enjoyed as single persons.

Online Photos

Today, most people start their search for a home online. Making sure that the home has professional looking photos is key to capturing the interest of millennial homebuyers.  Factors such as lighting, angle, and general cleanliness are all important for a photo to come out looking its best.

Open Floor Plans

Many young homebuyers don’t feel the need for a formal dining room.  During festive occasions, most people are now spending their time in the kitchen and the common living room. There is a desire to have more of a flow when they are entertaining instead of having rooms sectioned off for specific purposes.

Updated Kitchen and Bathrooms

As mentioned before, the younger generation entertains more in the kitchen, which requires a nice big space. In addition, kitchen and bathrooms are often very expensive to renovate and change. Millennials often have limited budgets and spend their money on a down payment and furnishings instead of updating.

Low Maintenance

Making a home as low maintenance as possible is excellent for millennial homebuyers. Wood floors and granite countertops are a plus since they’re much easier to clean than carpet and easily stained surfaces.

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