Types of Moving Services To Help Move Into Your New Home

moving 2
You’ve found the right home, the loan has closed, and you have the keys. Now it’s time to move in. Here are some tips to help make the big step less stressful.

Moving is a very stressful time for anyone. However, hiring the right moving service should help to ease your mind, and make moving easier on you. There are various types of moving services available to tailor to your individual needs. To help you determine what moving service is right for you, we have provided a short list of options.

Full-Service Movers: Full service movers will do the majority of the heavy lifting. Their services include preparing your furniture for the move, moving it from your old home to your new home, and then unloading and organizing your furniture in your new home. Full-service movers also provide moving tools such as mattress bags, padding, moving blankets, shrink-wrap, and any other protective materials. Once you arrive in your new home, the movers will place the furniture exactly where you want it, they will remove all the plastic, bags, and padding, and will get rid of any garbage for you. They will also reassemble any furniture they had to take apart for the move.

Self-Service Movers: Unlike full-service movers who help to move your items and drive the truck, self-service movers just drive the truck. Some self-service movers will drive a truck to your location, while others might just drop off a large mobile moving container on your front lawn a few days before the move. With self-service movers, you are the one responsible for packing and loading the truck or large moving container. The movers will then move the container to your new home when you are ready, but you will need to unload and unpack the truck or container. This is an ideal option if you are looking to save money, and if you do not want to drive a moving truck.

Moving Labor: Hiring simple moving labor can help you to pack up your household items, load/unload a rented truck, and they can even drive your rented vehicle. However, before hiring moving labor you will need to gather more information about the movers and the company since not all moving labor is reliable.

Renting A Truck: If you are looking to save some money and aren’t afraid to drive a moving truck, your best bet might be just to rent a truck and have friends and family help you to move. Most moving trucks are easy to load, have a lot of space, and offer great protection for your household items.

To ensure safe transportation of all your items, you must compare the services of each moving moving vancompany. Take into account your budget and your needs while choosing one of these options.
Get an understanding of other customer experiences by looking at customer reviews online. Finding a moving company that satisfies all of your needs should guarantee that your move is easy and stress free.


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