Questions First Home Buyers Should Ask

questionsKnowing when to think about buying a home can be challenging. You may not know what to consider when making the decision and it can be hard to think long-term. Here are some Questions First Home Buyers Should Ask themselves to determine if now is the right time to begin the home-buying process.

Am I staying here for a long time? If you are planning on living in the same place for the next five to ten years, you might be better off buying a home. You recoup the costs associated with buying a new home by living in it and building equity. Talk to your tax advisor about the tax benefits of owning a home too. And when you sell your house in years to come, the more equity you’ll have, the better off you’ll be.

Is my rent higher than a mortgage payment? Rent can add up, and you are essentially paying off somebody else’s mortgage. If the cost of your rent is more than the cost of owning and maintaining a home, you might want to consider your buying potential now.

Do I have enough money for a down payment? If you can determine the cost of a down payment and the cost of a monthly mortgage payment, and still have a small cushion for any life emergency, it would be worth the investment to look at purchasing a home. Talking to a mortgage professional can help you determine how much house you can afford.

Is my credit good? A high credit score helps you get the best deal on a loan. The higher your score, the lower your interest rate should be. Reviewing a copy of your credit will help you determine where you need to be in order to afford the house you want.

If you answered these questions truthfully and feel buying a home is in your best interest, thenGet Pre-Approved getting Mortgage Pre-Approval is the next step. Every First Home Buyer has different things to consider and different options available to them.  Speaking with a mortgage professional is the best place to start.

Most First Home Buyers come to me for Mortgage Pre-Approval with big dreams, high hopes and a lot of questions. Too often folks want to buy a home in a price range they cannot afford. It is my job as a Mortgage Consultant to help First home Buyers set realistic expectations and help them see how big a house they can afford and how large a mortgage they qualify for. Getting prospective home buyers Pre-Approved for mortgage is an exercise to insure that “families live comfortably and financially secure in their own home.”

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