Homemade Remedies for Lawn Pests

PesticidesIt’s spring. Trees are blooming. Grass is growing. And the bugs and weeds are out again too!
Concern about the health effects of herbicides and pesticides is growing nationwide. Connecticut recently banned  some lawn pesticides on school grounds; other states and communities are considering similar moves.

Sparky loves to dig holes in our flower beds. Dealing with other pests in your lawn and garden Sparkycan get expensive. Some experts say: Homemade Remedies for Lawn Pests often get the job done just as well as store-bought brands, are good for the ecology and save you money. Check them out!

1. Hot pepper/garlic spray
The target:
Caterpillars, leaf hoppers, spider mites and whiteflies

2. Listerine
The target: Aphids and soft bugs

3. Tea tree oil
The target: General insects and fungus on leaves

4. Vinegar
The target: Lawn weeds

5. Vegetable oil
The target: Soft-bodied insects — aphids, spider mites and caterpillars

6. Salt
The target: Walkway weeds.
I tried this one! It really works! Sprinkle winter’s left over rock salt on garden paths and gravel driveways to keep weeds at bay in the spring, It forms a weed barrier that you can’t get at with your lawn mower.

7. Soap and cornmeal
The target: Ants

8. Compost ‘tea’
The target: Overall lawn health

One final note
It is not difficult to control pests naturally, so why bother with the risks and expense of synthetic pesticides? A little forethought, and some homework, will keep your spring chores to a minimum.

For details and more information on these homemade lawn and pest remedies:


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